Current Tune List

A Hundred Pipers  March 6/8

Amazing Grace Hymn 3/4

Aspen Bank  Strathspey 4/4

Atholl Highlanders  March 6/8

Barren Rocks  March 2/4

Bonnie Dundee  March 6/8

Caber Feidh March 4/4

Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle  March 2/4

Castle Rock Ceilidh  Reel 2/2

Dundee Military Tattoo  March 2/4

Farewell To Camraw  Slow March 4/4

Flett From Flotta  March 4/4

Flowers Of The Forest  Lament 2/4

Green Hills Of Tyrol  March 3/4

Hector The Hero  Slow Air 6/8

High Road To Gairloch  March 2/4

Highland Cathedral  Slow Air 4/4

Isle Of Jura  Jig 6/8

Loch Maree March 3/4

Lochanside  March 3/4

March To The Battlefield  March 2/4

Meeting Of The Waters  Retreat March 3/4

Mhairi's Wedding  March 2/4

Midlothian Pipeband  March 6/8

Mingulay Boat Song  Slow March 9/8

Prince Charles Welcome To Lochaber  March 2/4

Rowan Tree  March 4/4

Scotland The Brave  March 4/4

Shoals Of Herring March 3/4

Steamboat  March 6/8

The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar  March 2/4

The Battle Of The Somme March 9/8

The Battle Of Waterloo March 4/4

The Boys Of Blue Hill Hornpipe 2/4

The Brown Haired Maiden March 2/4

The Dark Isle Slow Air 4/4

The Heights Of Dargai March 9/8

The Mucking Of Geordie's Byre March 6/8

The Siege Of Delhi March 2/4

When The Battles O're March 3/4

Wings March 4/4